Friday, November 8, 2013

This and That!

First, I am so sorry I have not been good about keeping this up this year! I promise to be better about it! With that goal in mind I am posting the link to the newsletter and phonics study guide. Your child will get the phonics study guide on Monday, but you will be able to see it early if you wish! I am also going to go on and post the answers to the phonics study guide :) I hope that each of you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Newsletter link ( Remember to view the document copy and paste the link into the address bar)

Phonics Study Guide  link

Here are the answers to the Phonics study guide!

1.  Focus on the blends in each word!
Chest: circle ch, short e
drove: circle dr long o
twine: circle tw, long i
that: circle th, short a
frail: circle fr, long a
grand: circle gr, short a

2. undo: circle un, underline do
enlighten: circle en, underline light
always: circle al, underline ways
replay: circle re, underline play

3. shop

4. thanksgiving: circle th, ank, ing
cornstalk: circle or, st, alk
feast: circle ea, st


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