Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Phonics Answers

Here are the answers for the Phonics study guide :)

1. sitting

2. patchwork: tch, wor
daughter: aught, er
avoid: a, oi
bridge: br, dge

3.roast: circle st, vowel long o silent e
stone:circle st, vowel long o silent e
space:circle sp, c, lone a silent e
launch: circle au, ch (no vowel marks)

So Sorry!!!

Here is the link again to the study guide for Phonics... When I put up the link yesterday I did not get the settings changed and it was set to private and not to open! I am SOO Sorry!!! Here it is now and it should open!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Phonics Study Guide

Here is the link to the Phonics study guide... the answers will be up by 3:30 tomorrow afternoon!

Newsletter and Tacky Day

Link to the newsletter for this week! I am so sorry it did not get posted until today!!! With Fall Festival on Friday I got busy and did not have time to post it!

* Don't forget this week is spirit week! Here are some pictures from today! TACKY DAY!!!

Tomorrow is Character Day!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Phonics Study Guide

Here is the link to the Phonics study guide! I am attempting to put this up early since the blog does not notify you until 10:00 pm that changes have been made... so hopefully putting it up early will help! Your kids will get a paper copy of this tomorrow!



1. scrape: underline scra, circle scr long a
slack: underline sla, circle sl, short a
clip: underline cli, circle cl, short i
glide: underline gli, circle gl long i

2.nearest: ear, est
monkey: o, ey
city: c, y
creamy: cr, ea, y
frighten: fr, igh, en

PS: the social studies projects look great!

Friday, October 19, 2012


Here is the link for the Newsletter!!

Don't forget Social Studies project is due Monday!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Social Studies

Social Studies Georgia Indian Study Guide link.... Test next Tuesday

Social Studies Indian Project instructions... coming soon!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Here are the answers to the Phonics Study Guide

1.Focus on the blends in these words
 cheesecake: circle ch, long e
thinly: circle th, short i
shepherd: circle sh, short e

2. crushing: cr, sh, ing
shouted: sh, ou, ed
nearly: ear, ly
thousand: th, ou, a

3.We, Fullington
We, Saturday

Here is the link for the phonics study guide.

I am not sure what the newsletter said, but we have the Phonics test and Math test tomorrow. I originally thought that the Phonics would be on Friday, but we are ready for it tomorrow.

The answers to the study guide will come this afternoon after school has dismissed!

Friday, October 12, 2012


Here is the link to the newsletter! I hope that you have a great weekend!!


Come and support the Trojans!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Answer Key

Answers to the Phonics Study Guide

1. sliding: circle sl, long i
scraping: circle scr, long a
throat: circle thr, long o
splinter: circle spl, short i
slender: circle sl, short e

2. thumb: th, mb
dreary: dr, ear, y
marble: ar, le
search: ear, ch
scold: sc, old
stretch: str, tch

4. learn: turn
much: such
side: hide

5. walk

Study Guide 2

Here is the link to the study guide again. There was some trouble with the last one. Copy and paste the link into the address bar and it should take you to the study guide. I will post the answers to the study guide this afternoon after school.


Here is the link to the Phonics Study!

Remember Math test and Phonics tomorrow! Spelling and Oral Reading Friday!

Friday, October 5, 2012


Here is the link to this weeks newsletter!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Good Behavior!!

As you know each week your child earns points for good behavior! Well, once a month they get to trade their points in for treats. Here are a few pictures of some of our kids doing what they earned!

                                                  Nicolas got to write with a pen all day!                                    

                                                 Ava got to chew bubble gum for 30 minutes! 

                                                Jenna got to sit at Mrs. Ashley's desk all day!

                                               Alaini also got to write with a pen all day!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Phonics Study Guide

Here is the link to the phonics study guide. The Phonics test is Thursday! Math Test is TOMORROW!

study guide answers:

1. snuggle: underline snu, circle sn short u
strapped: underline stra, circle str, short a
slender: underline sle, circle sl short e

2. le: little
wa: wash
ank: bank
wh: whale, who
oo: tooth, book

3. bright: br and igh
chubby:ch and y
drinking: dr, ink, ing

4. cupcake


There are new grades up on RenWeb! Remember that the 9 weeks will end next week and report cards will come home on Monday, October 15th. If your child has all of their AR points they will receive a 100 in the grade book in reading. If you child does not have all of the required point they will receive a grade that is the percentage of the required points. For example, if you child has 3 points I will take 3/5 and they will get a 60 because that is the percentage of points they got out of the required points. I will send home this weekend how many points each child has. So you can read over the long weekend and test on Tuesday to earn the points needed!

Have a great day!