Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Phonics Test 16 and newsletter

Wow have things been hectic the past few weeks! Here is the link to the phonics stud guide along with the answers! The Phonics test will be on Thursday of this week. Here is also the link to the newsletter!


answers to the phonics study guide:

1. swimmers: underline swi, circle sw short i
sleeves: underline sle, circle sl, long e
flattest: underline fla, circle fl, short a
squealed:  underline sque, circle squ, long e
princess: underline pri, circle pr, short i

2. bluebird: bl, ir
program: pr, gr
fraction: fr, tion

3. strawberry: str, aw, err, y
neighbor: eigh, or
unstable:un, st, le
smudge: sm, dge

Newsletter Link

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Phonics test 15 study guide anwsers

Here are the answers for the study guide! Sorry they are up so late!

1.chunks (circle ch, short u)         striding  (circle srt, ing short i)                     joyful( circle oy, ful)

nation (circle tion, long a)               eighty (circle eigh, y )                        bridge( circle br, dge short i)

stable ( circle st, le long a)            baby  (circle y short a)                 worship ( circle wor, sh short i)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Here is the Phonics study guide. The test is on Thursday!


1.smoke: circle sm, long o silent e
fresh:circle fr, sh short e
slippery:circle sl, er, y short i
clip:circle cl, short i
promise:circle pr short o

2. working:wor, ing
charm: ch, ar
scratch: scr, tch
entire:en, ire
certainly: c, er, tain, ly
carry: arr, y

3. shaking