Friday, November 30, 2012

Newsletter and spelling words

Here is the link to the newsletter for next week!

Also, here are the spelling words for this week. The words are NOT in our spelling book. Please make sure your child keeps up with the list. You can find the list in several places, your child's agenda, the newsletter and the blog.

Spelling Words

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Phonics Study Guide

Here is the Phonics study guide. The test is on Thursday!

1.smoke: circle sm, long o silent e
fresh:circle fr, sh short e
slippery:circle sl, er, y short i
clip:circle cl, short i
promise:circle pr short o

2. working:wor, ing
charm: ch, ar
scratch: scr, tch
entire:en, ire
certainly: c, er, tain, ly
carry: arr, y

3. shaking

News letter link :)

phonics study guide is coming home today! Watch for study guide to be up later today.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Phonics Answers

Here are the answers to the phonics study guide!

1. clip: circle cl  short i
glide: circle gl long i
bleed: circle bl long e
promise: circle pr short o ( yes there is more than one vowel, but with three vowels the first one is short then the second one is long)
scrape: circle scr long a
squint: circle squ short i

2. could: ould
would: ould
carry: arr
wrinkle: wr, le
enough: ough
toughest: ough, est
wreath: wr, ea, th
nervous: er, ou

Good Morning!
A few announcements for today! Cokes will be ready to pick up today after school. Please come and get cokes if you ordered them. I added a Social studies test this week. We voted as a class to take it either Friday or Monday and the class voted for Friday. A study guide came home yesterday, but I am also putting one up on here as well. The test will be multiple choice!

Here is the phonics study guide :)  Answers will be up this afternoon!

Social Studies study guide :)

Friday, November 9, 2012


Here is the newsletter link !

Have a great Weekend!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Here are the answers to the Phonics study guide!

1.  Focus on the blends in each word!
Chest: circle ch, short e
drove: circle dr long o
twine: circle tw, long i
that: circle th, short a
frail: circle fr, long a
grand: circle gr, short a

2. undo: circle un, underline do
enlighten: circle en, underline light
always: circle al, underline ways
replay: circle re, underline play

3. shop

4. thanksgiving: circle th, ank, ing
cornstalk: circle or, st, alk
feast: circle ea, st

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It is that time of the year...

Hello all,
I wanted to take a second to let you know we have had one reported case of the flu in our class. There are many sicknesses going around our hall. Please watch your children for these symptoms: sore throat, vomiting, headache, body aches and cough to name a few. We have had several cases of strep, flu and viruses on our hall. If your child does become sick PLEASE keep them at home! We are disinfecting on a daily basis in hopes to keep sickness to a minimum however we need your help as well. If your child has a fever please follow the rule of fever free 24 hours before returning to school. If you can help us keep sick children at home we hope that we can keep the germs down here as well.

Thanks a bunch for your help!!

Here is the link to the Phonics Study guide for this week. The test will be on Thursday! I hope that this link will work! The best way to get to the page is to copy and paste the link into the address bar. Answers will be coming later today or tomorrow!