Tuesday, December 11, 2012

phonics study guide and science study guide

Here is the link for the study guide for this week. The test is on Thursday. Also we will have a science test on  Friday as well. The study guide is in your child's homework folder.


answers to the phonics study guide:

1. swimmers: underline swi, circle sw short i
sleeves: underline sle, circle sl, long e
flattest: underline fla, circle fl, short a
squealed:  underline sque, circle squ, long e
princess: underline pri, circle pr, short i

2. bluebird: bl, ir
program: pr, gr
fraction: fr, tion

3. strawberry: str, aw, err, y
neighbor: eigh, or
unstable:un, st, le
smudge: sm, dge

Science study guide link



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