Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hello all!
After looking at the times for the concession stand, I realized I needed to change the times a little! So here is a updated time sheet! ( A hard copy will also come home today)

** Shift times have been changed!!!

Friday September 21st Football Concession Stand schedule

Please find your child’s name to see what shift you are on for Friday’s Concession stand. Please come and help our class serve this duty! We need all hands on deck this week!

* If you are a Daddy willing to grill please be at the football field at 6:00.

6:15- 8:30                                        8:15- the end of the game

Drayton                                                            Roy
Jackson                                                            Logan
Hope                                                                Jacob
Jenna                                                                Mackenzie
Avery                                                               Owen
Sara Kate                                                         Alaini
Ava                                                                  Ryan
Conner                                                             Jake
Drake                                                               Jonathan
Nicolas                                                            Gracen
Madison                                                           Taylor 


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